What Rekindled My Fire? A (Re)Conversion Story

It all started with a boyfriend, albeit one I dated for less than a month. Sweet and caring, he was a nondenominational Christian. He knew his Bible and was proudly anti-religious. I was a proud Catholic but didn’t know why. Inevitably, the conversations turned to religion: I’d tell him what I believed, he’d question it, … Continue reading What Rekindled My Fire? A (Re)Conversion Story

From a Cattle Stall

The devil hates that Our Lord was once small. Jesus Christ was incarnate in a virgin’s womb, and thus began the one and great salvation story of mankind. Our Lord was once a baby–what’s more, a baby that wasn’t even destined to be born in a proper bed, but languished in the manger with cows gazing at him in their feed trough. How could Satan possibly understand this, with his bloated pride and hatred for all things small and good?