I don’t work on Sundays

Not unless I absolutely have to, when there is an animal in crisis or there’s some obligation I cannot avoid.

On Sundays, I don’t respond to business messages. I don’t pay bills online. I don’t do servile work apart from everyday chores.

Sundays are set apart, or at least they are supposed to be. The Fourth Commandment is one of the hardest to follow in our “hustle and grind” society.

On Sundays, I wake up late. I bathe, and take extra care to look my best for He whose presence I’m about to enter. I put on a nice skirt and a spirit of recollectedness, and we go to church.

On Sundays, I truly rest: I take a nap, read something for pleasure, and go for walks. I contemplate, sit in silence, and often indulge in breakfast food all day, a reward for my fast on Friday.

Most of my clients know that I don’t work on Sundays, and surprisingly, I get much more respect for setting that boundary.

I was not always like this on Sundays. Like many, I thought I could get ahead by working that one extra day. But when we work every day of the week, each day is the same. Burnout is inevitable, and I wound up taking a day for myself anyway, because my mind was so frazzled. It’s strange, but I never got ahead, and I get much more done now by resting on the Seventh Day. After all, who am I to argue with the One that did it first?

One of the greatest things society could do is to bring back the Sabbath. Perhaps, if we remember that our treasures on earth are fleeting and our earthly treasures everlasting, we may begin to return to goodness. It starts with you. Life is truly lived in leisure, where we are fully human. We aren’t meant to rest in order to work; we are meant to work in order to rest. Be counter-cultural. Keep holy the Sabbath Day.

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